Krill Facts

Antarctic Krill are just one of 85 species of krill found all over the oceans of the world.  Krill are zooplankton invertebrates that float in huge swarms.  Euphausia superba krill are the most common krill, found mostly in the waters of the Antarctic.  Euphausia krill are at the very bottom of the food chain and can only found in the pristine oceans around Antarctcia, where there is very limited accumulation of contaminants.

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Welcome to! What is the thrill of krill? Well, Antarctic krill are just one of 85 species of krill in the world's oceans and yet this tiny zooplankton make up the world's largest single-species animal biomass! Without Krill there would be no fuel to the engine that runs the Earth's marine ecosystems – more directly without krill, most the of the life forms in the Antarctic would disappear!! They might be tiny but they sure are mighty! has a sea of information on krill – Krill Facts (the who, what, where, when), the Antarctic Almanac, Marine Center, Kids zone, Research, Conservation and Sustainability, Weather, and recent Press.