Happy Feet 2 And The Penguins

If you love penguins - and would like to see the variation of other Antarctic species on the silver screen - Happy Feet Two is one movie you should not miss

The fluffy story is back!

The original 2006 Happy Feet movie starred a funny penguin cast, great music, and a beautiful setting in the penguins homeland of the Antarctic. The movie was a big success, and people have asked if there would ever be a sequel to the animated blockbuster. The wait is now finally over, and the Happy Feet Two movie is here! It once again stars our Antarctic penguins, along with their southern ocean friends – the arctic krill (interestingly, the same little creatures krill oil is derived from).

Mumble and Erik, the two main characters of the story, deals with two individual issues. Erik, who is the son of Mumble, is not too interested in taking up dance moves the way the rest of the penguins in Happy Feet 2 are. He eventually meets another special penguin named Sven, who has some really unique abilities that no other penguin has. Meanwhile, Hid father Mumble must cope with problems on a bigger scale when the marine life is threatened by outside forces.

Antarctic stars of the silver screen

A video showing the official Happy Feet 2 trailer. Happy Feet2 - the official trailer

The real-world Antarctica and Southern Ocean consists of a wide range of species, and in Happy Feet Two we get to see a bit more variation in these represented. As mentioned earlier, krill is more prominently featured, and so are the elephant seals. Several different penguin species can be seen as well – all well animated and lifelike. The Happy Feet Two movie opened up in US movie theaters on November 20th, 2011 and scored $21.2 million dollars in its opening weekend.

This time around for Happy Feet Two, we get to see the Antarctic and all the penguins in gorgeous 3D. We also once again get director George Miller behind the controls. Miller received an Academy Award in 2006 for his original Happy Feet movie. The voice cast of HappyFeet 2 consists of great names such as Robin Williams, Brad Pitt, Pink, Matt Daemon, Hank Azaria (known for his voice-work in The Simpsons), Sofia Vergara, Magda Szubanski, Hugo Weaving, Richard Carter, and Anthony LaPaglia – among others.

The real-world Antarctica in 3D

The 3D is really well done in this movie. The same goes for a lot of the incredibly detailed animation work. When watching the Happy Feet 2 movie, one gets a sense that the producers aren’t trying to overuse visual effects just for the sake of using them (which in some movies, can get a bit too much). Instead, the visuals are only used to the fullest when it really adds to the emotional feel of the movie. This takes Happy Feet Two a step above some other movies out there. Huge ocean waves, snow avalanches, Antarctic windstorms, light refraction through ice, and details on the penguins themselves are all vividly recreated. Even the northern lights (in this case, southern lights since we are on the South Pole in HappyFeet 2) – look just like they do in real life.

Only time will tell us if we will get to see our penguin friends once more in another sequel later, but either way – if you love penguins – or have kids and enjoy animated family movies – Happy Feet Two is one movie you should not miss.